I am so excited that you found us! You can choose to shoot in our gorgeous studio (located in Downtown Crete -- a beautiful 20 minute drive from Lincoln) or we can brainstorm the location that will best fit your personality.  Wherever we shoot, your Senior Portrait experience is going to be fun and creative!

Bold • Editorial • Clean • Elegant • Chic • Classic • Fashionable


Natural • Organic • Glowing • Casual • Free • Bright • Airy • Fun


unique • fun • edgy • authentic senior portraits

Be the uniquely you that you are meant to be.

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Woods Seniors is not just about getting your Senior Pics done.  It's all about the experience, because what is life without experience, joy and love?!


Beauty, inner and outer, resides in every single person on the planet if you know where to look. Always look, though. . . Always look.